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Juhana Peltonen's blog

Our 2013 survey is now up and running

The 2013 survey is now underway, and invitations to participate are being sent using traditional mail and email. Last year's survey turned out to be a great success both in terms of impact and participation. In the spring and summer of 2012 our survey was the first to examine the migration of former Nokia employees, and thanks to the many responses, we were able to contribute valuable information to this very important discussion.

Revisiting mobile platforms with a German flavor

In my latest post I examined how Finnish software companies have been adopting Windows Phone as a development platform. Our preliminary data (130 responses) pointed out that quite well: Some 9% of Finnish software SMEs reported "significant" development using the platform in 2010 moving it into striking distance from Android.

Is Windows Phone Development a Passing Trend?

The success of any software platform rests upon available apps, and if Windows Phone (WP) wants to establish itself as a part of the “third ecosystem”, it needs to close its app gap compared to iOS and Android.

Who will hire former Nokia employees: Will the demand meet the supply?

This blog post probes deeper into the Finnish software sector’s ability to employ the people whose jobs Nokia and its subcontractors will be shedding in the near future. Though Nokia has guaranteed the continuation of work until the end of 2011, many employees particularly from its software suppliers will be on the market much before this time is up. The question then becomes, where will these engineers and managers be headed?

Where do international growth intentions come from? (Part I)

Growth entrepreneurship is very much on policy makers' minds and everyone wants us to have more of them. Therefore the first post of this blog looks at Finnish software firms' intentions to internationalize from day one. Armed with our surveys and statistical software, we have been chasing this issue for some time now.

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