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Insights about your firm

All firms that participated in the survey will receive a complimentary report, where we compare the firm with all other firms that responded to the study. These reports are now set up and we will begin sending them out soon. We are leaving the survey form open for June, so even if your firm did not "officially" participate in the study, you may still fill in the questionnaire and obtain a report about your firm.

Presenting and being featured by the press

It has been now little over two week since we presented our main results at the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries office in Helsinki. Actually, we had quite a presentation tour because after the main presentation. First, in the beginning of the following week Juhana flew to Oulu to give a presentation to a full audience. Meanwhile, I was in Texas presenting some more academic analysis of last year’s data in the form of two research papers. After returning from there, I went to Tampere to talk about our results.

The official truth about the software industry

In my previous post, I looked at what the firm level growth figures look like for the last year. It is now time to adopt a higher level perspective and look at how the Finnish software industry is faring on the industry level. Toward this end, I retrieved a few data sets from the databases of Statistics Finland.

What happened to the Finnish software industry in 2011 - some early results

We have now around 200 responses to the survey, although a third of these are still in paper form and need to be entered into our database. Nevertheless, this is plenty of data to restart our research blog.

Publishing the final report is just around the corner

I wanted to write a small blog post to celebrate two key milestones in the project: Today the length of our report draft exceeded 100 pages and we also finally agreed on the cover background for the report.

The main results of the Finnish survey were published on June 16th at Aalto Venture Garage. Although we were sending out the invitations on a short notice, the event attracted a nice audience. The presentation slides and the press release are available on our publications page.

First results from the 2011 survey: Nokia and mobile platforms

The 2011 survey has been going on for approximately a week now. The first invitation letters arrived at the companies in last Thursday, the day before easter vacations. We sent out the email invitations on this week's Tuesday and Wednesday. The total number of firms that were sent the postal mail was 5 490 and we have a working email address for estimated 3 169 firms. Compared to last year, these numbers are slightly smaller because we eliminated all sole proprietors from the mailing list and generally have improved the screening process for firms when creating the address list.

How Important is Nokia for the Finnish Software Industry?

Since Nokia announced the change in their software strategy and decided to partner with Microsoft instead of continuing to rely on Symbian, we have been approached several times by media with the question:

"How important is software development that is done for cell phones for the Finnish Software Industry?"

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