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Exit stage left - The ultimate goal of an average Finnish software company?

We already have enough data to start doing some preliminary analysis, though responses to this year's survey are still being collected. As a thesis worker, I have a personal stake in figuring out how Finnish software companies view exits - Which exit avenues they consider most plausible? Do the companies include M&A in their strategy, e.g. for boosting growth? How exit-oriented are the Finnish software companies overall? My questions are not limited to these three, but this is where I'll start my data crunching.

M&A Trends During the "00s"

We still have to wait a couple of months before this year's Software Industry Survey data is collected, so I decided to do a warm-up exercise using data from the Zephyr mergers and acquisitions database.

In last year’s Software Industry Survey report we highlighted consolidation through mergers and acquisitions as on of the main trends in the software industry. Now that the first decade of the 2000s is behind us, we can have a look at how the trends of mergers and acquisitions have changed during that era. 

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