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How the Data are Used

All data is treated as confidential

The data is used for three purposes: Analyses for the final report, generating the company specific reports, and in writing smaller analyses to be published in research conferences and journals (see publications). In all cases the individual responses are not published. In any case we do not publish any company names or any other identification information. When using scatter plots or other graphical displays where individual data points can be identified, we either add jitter or use colours to indicate density of data points instead of showing the true points. All analysed sub-samples are at least 30 firms to ensure that answers of individual firms cannot be guessed from aggregate statistics.

Each response is identified with company code (y-tunnus) to enable us to include data from secondary sources, and to link responses from different years for longitudinal analyses. Company identification information is not used for any other purpose.

In some cases we use external help from other universities in analysing the data. In this case, the data is primarily kept with the project organization. If data is given to another university for analysis, this is done under NDA and only the fiels required for the analysis are transferred. Company names or identification codes are never given out, as they are not needed after data from several sources has been combined.

After the project, data is stored in a secure location by Aalto University so that it can be used for longitudinal analyses during future surveys of this project series.


Information for researchers

We are often contacted about the possibility to use the data collected in this project in third party research projects. In general, this is possible, but not without restrictions. Two issues prevent us from freely sharing the data. First and foremost, we have promised to treat all responses as confidential. Second, some of our third party data sources do not allow further distribution of said data.
Because of the restrictions above, we would like to use the following terms for using the data in third party research projects.

  • We require you to sign an NDA.
  • Only part of the data that is needed for the research question at hand is given out.
  • Company identities (company codes, names and responding persons) are not given out.
  • Analysis of the data is preferably done by the project employees and only analysis specifications and results are exchanged.
  • If the results are interesting, we can publish them in the final report. You will be included as an author. This does not prevent republication in other outlets.

If you are interested in the data, please contact the project staff. It helps if you can present a short description of your project, the research problem as well as preliminary plans for analyses.
If you are interested in the content of the data, please consult the following files:

  • Dummy data (not currently available): This is a Stata data file that is identical to our data after purification, except that all numeric data has been replaced with 1's and all text data with word "text". The file can be opened with Stata or SPSS and probably with some other statistics software packages as well.
  • Codebook (not currently available): This PDF document list all purified variables with their verbal descriptions as well as basic descriptive statistics. Also some reliability statistics for scales are given.
  • All questionnaires: This PDF document contains the questionnaires from each year. Note: It is possible that not all data from each questionnaire is in the working data. If a particular question or item is not in the codebook, please contact the project staff. The document contains the questionnaires in Finnish, Swedish, and English. The Swedish and English translations are not available for all years.
  • Publications page: describes all academic papers and reports that use data collected during the project. Please see the research methods appendixes of the final reports for some extra information about data collection and purification procedures as well as more descriptive and reliability statistics.

We do not give out the data for projects that do not have a clear research question, as these documents can be used instead when planning your research. If you have a good project, you will get access to the data later on when you start the analyses.

In addition to providing data for research purposes under the terms describe above, we offer custom data analysis and report for small fees. These fees are used to fund the work and enable us to continue the survey. If you are interested in a custom report, please contact the project staff.