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Publishing the final report is just around the corner

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I wanted to write a small blog post to celebrate two key milestones in the project: Today the length of our report draft exceeded 100 pages and we also finally agreed on the cover background for the report.

The main results of the Finnish survey were published on June 16th at Aalto Venture Garage. Although we were sending out the invitations on a short notice, the event attracted a nice audience. The presentation slides and the press release are available on our publications page.

The main results that we presented were that the industry is again on a growth path, but the estimated 5% growth in 2010 is still a bit behind the pre-recession levels. Moreover, we addressed Nokia's strategy change and companies willigness to sell their business. Both topcis have been covered in previous blog posts.

We are currenctly finalizing the report and will publish it in a few days. The work that remains is adding the final figures and texts as well as proof reading and polishing the report.