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Our 2013 survey is now up and running

The 2013 survey is now underway, and invitations to participate are being sent using traditional mail and email. Last year's survey turned out to be a great success both in terms of impact and participation. In the spring and summer of 2012 our survey was the first to examine the migration of former Nokia employees, and thanks to the many responses, we were able to contribute valuable information to this very important discussion.

The impact of Nokia's strategy change after "burning platform" is virtually outside public discussion at the moment, as interest has turned toward success cases in the gaming industry. The turbulence in the Finnish ICT sector still remains, and not all of it is positive. Beneath the public discussion, many of the layoffs announced by Nokia a year or more ago have been taking effect during the past year. Also, Nokia's Bridge funding for new startups is running low, which could mean that several Nokia spinoffs may need to close down in autumn 2013.

Taken together, there is still an order of magnitude difference in the recruiting needs of gaming companies and the amount of former Nokia employees seeking work. Nobody really knows for certain how the job market dynamic will develop over time, but we believe it is important to provide a snapshot of the situation from the company-level perspective.

This year we are asking software companies some more details about how they have hired former Nokia employees, and especially when. We hope to create a "map" of how things have developed, and look for possible signs of saturation and pull in different areas of the industry. We are also mapping companies started by former Nokia employees. We can then use this data to compare these firms with other startups.

Apart from Nokia's situation, this year we are visiting themes from the
2008 Growth Forum
. In 2008 the world was very different compared to now. For example, top-tier US VC was quite rare in Finland, and app stores had not reached the adoption rates they have today, which have helped Finnish game companies catapult to the global scene.

Also the student-driven entrepreneurship movement was only taking its baby steps, and generally there was less talk about high technology entrepreneurship altogether. Also quite importantly, the world economy was just entering the Financial Crisis that is still broadly hindering growth almost five years later.

But how has the entire software industry changed? What do firms consider to be the limitations of growth now? How do companies internationalize? What are the areas of funding that are not currently being addressed? These are important questions that warrant a thorough investigation, as excessive generalized opinions in one direction or the other are quite common.

Our survey will be open for about a month, and we will publish our results around mid-June. Our team of 1.5 people in Aalto will start to analyze the data once about 25% of the responses are in by using reusable analysis scripts. This enables us to minimize the time between closing the survey and publishing the results. This year we will also receive support from the University of Jyväskylä, who have designed questions regarding cloud software and will help us in their analysis.

We will update this site as the survey progresses. Like last year, we will probably post some tentative results along the way.